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In the federation we meet regularly. In our Wednesday Meet we discuss many topics including the Future of the Federation.

Federated Wiki Meet DATE Wednesday TIME 10:00 FOR 60 minutes IN US/Pacific ALSO Europe/London ALSO Europe/Berlin ALSO America/Los_Angeles HERE

We have been know to organise more extensive events. Fedwiki Happenings are like writing sprints on a particular topic. We explore here other alternative conference, and meeting formats.

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- ISSS (June 28 to July 2)

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# Activity Explore recent activity in the federation over the past few days, by exploring the links below: - Changes to this Site - Research Group Activity - Drop in to our Fedwiki chat - riot.im - Create content with Fedwiki Tools


# Rosters Below we list some rosters that make navigation easier:

Fedwiki Sites ROSTER rest.livecode.world/fedwiki

Fedwiki fedwiki.org sites.fedwiki.org people.fedwiki.org Fedwiki Admin admin.fedwiki.org ocean.admin.fedwiki.org orientation.fedwiki.org Fedwiki Tools plugin.fedwiki.org transport.fedwiki.org search.fedwiki.org Fedwiki Future future.fedwiki.org splash.fedwiki.org dat.fedwiki.org fork.fedwiki.org data.fedwiki.org graph.fedwiki.org maps.fedwiki.org media.fedwiki.org Fedwiki Hacks hacks.fedwiki.org issues.fedwiki.org Fedwiki Trash hangout.fedwiki.org bookmark.fedwiki.org

ROSTER found.ward.bay.wiki.org/welcome-visitors

Ward's Wiki ROSTER rest.livecode.world/ward