The Federation

Here we describe the The Federation. But in terms that are specific to a new proposed cycle of development and community building based around creating weekly Hangouts-on-Air arranged in alternating cycles of content and code.

The Federation is in this sense : * Video Podcast * Community of Writers * Series of Coding Sprints

Question: What do you think of this theme? Does it make you think of Star Trek and the future of the Decentralised Web?

Do we like the idea of more closely integrating Youtube and Hangouts on Air into the community?

What sort of governance i suitable for a software project that is in many ways about decentralised architecture? How should we govern and sustain the federation?

This Transporter allows you to import videos from Youtube, complete with all their metadata. It also allows you to import playlists, channels, and all uploads from a user..

As the Federation grows, as new members and more content becomes available, the value to others with commercial, or simple ill-intention becomes greater.